Short-term Courses

  • National/International Training

    • Nonviolent Social Movement Building (Outside India): (To be announced.)
    • Self-development through yoga through whole food and organic agriculture. Duration is 7days (Cost is Rs2500 for In-country participants; Rs5000 for out-of-country participants.)
    • Training teachers in peace and nonviolence. (2.5 day workshops for Rs600 per person inclusive of food and boarding).
    • Interfaith Dialogue: (To be announced.)
    • Working with Principals in CBSE Schools on NV and Peace. The first is planned in Kerala. (Cost and Logistics to be announced.)
    • Women and Gandhi: This includes small meetings leading up to the October 2016 meeting. Download application.
    • Peacebuilders in Conflict Zones: (To be announced.)

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