Brief on Nonviolent Economy Network

The Nonviolent economy network shall be a platform for multi-sectoral actors (Agroecological agriculture & Food system – Organic & Natural farming, Sustainable Textile – Handloom, Crafts & Rural products, Minor Forest Produce, Alternate health & well-being, Eco-construction & sustainable energy and Responsible Tourism) and multiple stakeholders from the 6 states of South India to come together, engage, lend solidarity and build a support ecosystem. It will bring together various facets – Gandhian values, enterprise and livelihood development, mitigation of climate change, participatory processes and youth engagement for building an ecosystem of support for a nonviolent economy.

The plan is to embark on state wise consultation and engagement process to build momentum for Nonviolent economy Network and organise a mega fair “Ahimsa Santhai” on 22nd-26th September, 2022 at Gandhi Museum, Madurai to showcase various models of nonviolent economy from South India. Ahimsa santhai will house around 120 small-scale local producer groups, women’s groups and rural enterprises from various areas and sectors working for the upliftment of people at the grassroot, ecological sustainability and mitigation or adaptation of climate change. Ahimsa santhai shall host large number of public and youth participants and plethora of seminars, hands-on workshops, children and student events and cultural events shall be organised every day. It will showcase plethora of local and small-scale enterprise models and livelihood programs and shall be a platform for the world to see glimpses of Nonviolent Economy in South India.

Objectives of the Network:

  • To build a narrative for Nonviolent economy in South India as a lineage of Gandhi and J.C. Kumarappa’s values and as part of the response to climate crisis
  • To bring together muti-sectoral producer groups and stakeholders to share experiences and expertise and support each other
  • To facilitate an enabling environment for small-scale enterprises and producer groups to develop their enterprise
  • To engage and create awareness among students and youth on nonviolent economy and inspire them to choose it as a career path
  • To build knowledge, develop frameworks and conduct action research for nonviolent economy leading to evidence-based policy advocacy
NVE Brochure (Simpler version)
NVE Brochure (Detailed version)