Welcome to Jai Jagat 2020!

Jai Jagat: The Jai Jagat is a vision of bringing people together to promote justice and ethics as a way to realize peace. This vision draws from Gandhi’s use of nonviolence in the Freedom struggle in India against the oppressive colonial forces. The Jai Jagat is a campaign that enacts this vision at a global level through people’s engagement in multi-year events and actions. Although the Jai Jagat began in India in 2007 with a Janadesh march of 25,000 landless people, nonviolent action has since touched other locations in countering oppressive policies, laws and governments. The build up of the Jai Jagat campaign will culminate in an international march on Geneva in September and October 2020.

Our World Can Be Different If We’re Not Indifferent

The cheques/transfers from India can be remitted to:
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