Trust Members

Dr. Rajagopal, P.V. (Managing Trustee)

Rajagopal is a senior trainer and national leader of nonviolent social movements in India. He has been training young men and women since 1979 in Madhya Pradesh, in central India in social work and social action. In the process of training, he began to mediate different conflicts among rural communities especially on behalf of the poor and marginalized. This developed into a social movement in 1990, namely Ekta Parishad, of which Rajagopal is the founder. Ekta Parishad is a national people’s movement struggling for the livelihood resources of indigenous communities, poor women and low caste and marginalized communities. In beginning dialogue with the state governments, Rajagopal initiated the padyatras or footmarches in 1999 and later used this as a tool to pressure the central government on land reform. In 2012 Ekta Parishad achieved a major land reform agenda with the Indian Government. These Gandhian techniques of mobilizing the poor and dialoguing with the Government is the hallmark of Rajagopal’s lifework.

Dr. G.Pankajam (Trustee)

Professor (Mrs.) G. Pankajam former Vice chancellor of Gandhi gram Rural University, is a post-graduate in Home science with Child development as her specialization from M.S. University at Baroda. She did her PhD in education from Madurai Kamaraj University and MEd from S.N.D.T. women’s University, Mumbai.

Prof. Pankajam has four decades of teaching, research and administrative experience. She has authored and edited more than 25 books and presented and published about 150 papers. She has also designed curriculum for undergraduates, diploma and post-graduate programs in Home Science, Pre-Primary education, Child development and education for different Universities. She has played an important role in SERT and NCERT as an expert on designing a National Curriculum Framework Committee. She has prepared learning modules for child development, pre-primary education, challenges in education, extension education and has guided and counseled students in distance education programs in a variety of Universities.

Dr. Jill Carr-Harris (Trustee)

Jill, originally from Canada, has been carrying out community and international development in India for the past thirty years. Focused mainly on women’s empowerment, Jill has worked at the grassroots level as well as at the policy and research level on environmental issues, eco-health and its impacts, gender and women’s equality, and land and resource rights. She has also done extensive training and networking with community groups in Asia, Africa and Latin America on nonviolence, peace and equity issues. Jill is also completing her doctoral dissertation on Gandhi’s Nonviolence in Educational Leadership from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Mr.N.Muthuvelayutham (Trustee)

Mr. N. Muthuvelayutham, is a well-known personality in Gandhian/Rural Economy from Madurai, Tamilnadu. He has initiated various community-based activities in-order to reduce the level of poverty in the rural areas. He was instrumental to develop many Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) and Community Based enterprises in different part of India. He is a pioneer in promoting medicinal plant-based community intervention and founded Medicinal Plants Stakeholder Consortium (MAPSCON) among the producer intermediaries and end-users. Also, he is the founder of Coastal Enterprise Livelihood League (CELL), Covenant Centre for Development – CCD and many Farmers Producers Organizations. He is also part of various development organizations and is a Fellow of Ashoka Foundation and Lead India. Also acting as an advisory members of various International bodies such as Acara Institute, University of Minnesota, USA, HYSTRA, Hybrid Strategic Consulting for Bottom of Pyramid, based in Paris, France,, a BOP energy solution company based in Germany.  Apart from he is a member of various organizations in India such as CESCI, Madurai, Safe Harvest Society, Hyderabad, Nanban Trust Madurai, Lakshmi Seva Sangam (LSS) Gandhigram, Khadi Industries Gandhigram, Training & Education Society for and by TVS Group of Companies in Madurai.