Nonviolent Training and Action

The main activities Nonviolent Training and Action is preparing interested participants for the Jai Jagat campaign that leads up to both an Indian Action in 2018 and the Global March to Geneva in 2020. This four-year campaign consists of training for carrying out some of the following big events and the activities are as follows:

2016-18: New Generation Training in India
2018/19: Stand up for Justice and Peace
2019/20: Global March to Geneva

Nonviolent Education, Research and Dialogue

These activities consist of courses and ways of learning about nonviolence so as to have the requisite knowledge that can be put into action. These include: a diploma course and various short-term trainings. We are planning to expand in regular international and national discussion groups.

IGINP is also conducting research. Some of the research and inputs gathered from people is reproduced in the Ahimsa journal (produced biannually).
IGINP is also carrying out various peace/nonviolence education programs in formal education.

Dealing in Conflict Areas Using Nonviolence

This is taking up work in conflict zones where there is ongoing violence. This consists of various states inside India as well as outside. For example, work with peace groups and other civil society in Assam and Nagaland.

The Nonviolent Economy

This is an effort to coordinate the development of case studies of model micro-enterprises that are nonviolent to nature and people.
A template is being worked out that is like a peace lens so that microenterprises can self-evaluate their work.

These case studies will be part of the preparation for the 2018 International Nonviolent Economy Conference

Women and Nonviolent Action

This is supporting the women’s role in the Jai Jagat Campaign, and in various activities. One of the major things being organized is the 2016 Women and Nonviolent Action Program that will be held over 12 days in October. For further information, please see attachment.